Wised Up: LeSale- LeSexe / Symphony- LUV009 EP


Wised up will be a series devoted to revealing that diamond in the rough, that hidden gem, that unturned stone. Many would agree that today’s music market is highly saturated with similar sounds, which makes it difficult to pinpoint prime material. However, there are exceptions to every rule.

Take Luv Shack Records for example, a relatively unknown label hailing from Vienna, Austria. A small label devoted to like-minded deep, minimalistic, delicious beats that clinge to the walls of your memory. Whether is be the old-school soulful samples, or the impressive construction of each track, Luv Shack stands out.

Comprised of Simonlebon, Lee Stevens, Jakobin & Domino, and Lesale,“Disco, Dub, Italo, Afro-Funk, 80′s New Wave and of course House Music are the common denominators with this bunch”.

The ninth edition to the label, LUVOO9 “LeSale- LeSex / Symphony” is out on vinyl on April 19th, 2013, digitally on April 26th.

With a newly launched podcast series, and several guest mixes; I highly recommend you digest the remaining material from these guys (vinyl available too!). Keep your head up for some highly anticipated NA tour dates as well.


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